What gives?

What gives?

What's suit?

In a word,
"The Comic Toranoana (Toranoana Inc.) sued Mr.Akira Tomii(He is member of dōjin circle "Unchiku Company") for defamation."
It is not reverse!
This is said from many persons to be "SLAPP" by the Toranoana Inc.


In Taiwan, the dōjin exhibition "FancyFrontier" is held twice per year.
(You may see it the Comiket of the Taiwan version.)

The incident occurred of "FancyFrontier15" in February 20-21, 2010.
In February 20,
Mr. Tomii had joined as "Dōjin music and a software dōjin circle" in those days.
In the midst of the exhibition, He perceived about five persons approaching his Booth.
They had attached the name tag written to be "工作員證 虎之穴".
("工作員證 虎之穴" means "Exhibition staff : Toranoana Inc.")
While the two men of the head of the group looked around the circumference, it spoke in loud voice by Japanese which the neighborhood heard.

Mr.A "Ah... Dōjin music circles near here."
Mr.B "Yeah, This will be unsuccessful sell in Japan."
(Later, it became clear that they were the executives of a Toranoana Inc.)

Mr. Tomii heard their remark and he spoke as follows with evident sarcasm.

"There is no HENTAI Dōjin which you are looking for here. VERY SORRY!"
"I tell you I'm Japanese. And the neighborhood Taiwanese can enough understand to Japanese!"
(The Taiwanese who was neighborhood to Mr. Tomii witnessed them, and was hearing the utterance.)

They did not apologize, but glared at Mr. Tomii and had left.

Mr. Tomii hold up "the international exchange which communicate with Dōjin", and has also joined continue from the "FancyFrontier3" (For 7 years).
Therefore, Mr.Tomii is "the utterance which depreciated the Taiwanese" and thought their(Mr.A, Mr.B) talk and conduct also as shame of Japan.

Then, Mr. Tomii wrote and opened (To the all mixi members) the circumstances of the incident to "mixi" after the homecoming.

Moreover, Mr. Tomii sent the questionnaire from the official homepage to the Toranoana Inc.
  • The employee of your company performed the talk and conduct which look down upon the Taiwanese by FancyFrontier15.
  • Although I rebuked their impolite action, they did not apologize and had left.
  • Please tell me employee education system of your company.
  • I heard that your company also aims at internationalization. If it true, I hope resolute correspondence to the employee of your company.
The answer from Toranoana Inc. was only of the following mail.
"The contents which you pointed out are got with sincerity.
And it refers to it to future corporate management."
...A "apology", "denial", and "affirmation" do not have anything to an incident.
So to speak, Toranoana Inc. turned away the Mr. Tomii from her door.
Mr. Tomii wrote and opened (To the all mixi members) this mail to mixi. And he wrote opinion in himself it.

Suddenly on May 18, 2011, the certification of contents reached Mr. Tomii's hand from the attorney of the Toranoana Inc.
  • The contents of "the talk and conduct of the employee of Toranoana Inc. in FancyFrontier15" which you wrote to mixi are "all lies", and this is the defamation which looks down upon Toranoana Inc.
  • Delete a subject from mixi! Apologize officially! Pay reparations!

Mr. Tomii was surprised in "Why it becomes defamation in spite of having written the fact?".
However, He accepted only deletion a subject from mixi.
He said it to attorney of the Toranoana Inc.

On June 3, the certification of contents re-reached Mr. Tomii's hand from the attorney of the Toranoana Inc.
  • I would like to check whether a subject is really deleted. Register me into your Mymixi!
  • Publish an apology sentence in Japanese & Taiwanese Mandarin!
  • Pay reparations!
If Mymixi is registered, the personal information which is not related to dispute, and a friend's information will leak.
Although Mr. Tomii refused, he printed out the subject deletion result.
And it sent to the company together with printed matter "An apology and reparations do not accept."

Suddenly on June 3, Mr. Tomii's had a telephone from the attorney of the Toranoana Inc.
The attorney said "Do you accept to an apology and reparations?".
Mr. Tomii said "No!".

Then...August 18,
The documents of the civil suit(Defamation) reached Mr. Tomii.

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